3 must have jackets for spring!

I love talking layers ladies!  Especially when it's one that adds shape, style, and polish to any outfit.  I teach the Fashion Fix client a simple formula ::  top + layer + accessory = a styled look.  Your layer, or 3rd piece, can take on many forms.  Jackets, cardigans, vest, etc.  Having a variety of these '3rd pieces' is important.  Having variety keeps you from saying, "I wear this all the time!"  But variety doesn't have to mean plenty, it just means options.  You can keep it simple.  To help you with that simplicity here are the only 3 jackets (layers aka 3rd pieces) you need this spring.

1.  The denim jacket.  If you already have one, be sure it's up to date and current.  Your denim jacket should be a medium wash, fitted, and have little to no detail.  This will be your go to piece to wear with skirts, dresses, and colored pants or denim.  If you want to expand your style try pairing this casual piece with silky tops, black pants, or any other dressy piece for a mix of high and low.

2.  The cotton utility jacket.  This piece should be in cotton twill, have lots of pocket detail, and light weight.  Great colors for this jacket are tan, brown, green, and grey.  Keeping this jacket in a neutral color will give it versatility in your closet, giving you the ability to pair it with a variety colors!  I love accessorizing the utility jacket with a scarf or long necklace, complimenting the casual yet styled look of the garment.

3.  The navy blazer.  This piece should be fitted, hit at or right above the hip, and can be in a variety of navy shades.  This blazer is your best option for dressing up any spring or summer top while still being able to stay casual in a pair of jeans.  Having this blazer in navy is the key to it's style success.  Wearing a black blazer in spring or summer can look daunting and dark.  You'll want to have a layer that keeps your look seasonal and light!

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