Fashion Fix Favorites

I am frequently asked by guests at the Styled Right Workshop, and clients - what's in my closet, what can't I live with out?  For the most part this list stays pretty true, sometimes things change and new items are added.  I often recommend my picks to clients, friends, and family.  Guess what, you're my friends and family too!  If you want to be a client, that can also happen - just link {here}!

1. J.Crew Vintage Tee - white and black are essential, if you want to get fun I love the neon pink and green too

2. Loft Leopard Belt - I wear this over dresses, with jeans, and skirts

3. Old Navy Rock Star Skinny Jeans - dark, dark, dark wash!

4. Steve Madden Ballet Flats - a nude shoe should be in every closet

5. Lia Sohia Efflorescence Necklace - pendant necklace are the best for elongating the torso and drawing the eye in

6. H&M Leggings - they have a high rise and never stretch out!

7. J.Crew Gold Hoop Earrings - classic piece of jewelry that can be styled with every outfit

8. Target Merona Crepe Dress - this dress get pulled out of the closet on the regs, I dress up and casual at least twice a week


Spring, Sprang, Sprung

It's the first day of Spring!  The sun’s rays and melting snow have us thinking about bright colors, sandals, and more.  This is the best time of year to play with new looks and new trends.  But overhauling the entire closet can be costly, with both time and money!  So how do you get fresh looks on a fast time line and short purse strings?

Here are a few quick ways to get that updated look!

Color & Print
Radiant Orchid is this year’s hue, as decided by Pantone.  Pop this shade of purple into your wardrobe with accessories.  You can wear accessories with more then one outfit, and it’s less of a commitment!

Neutral Statements
The safari look is a staple in style.  Don’t camouflage yourself in browns and greens!  Reds and yellows add life and make a great style statement when worn with neutrals!

All looks curiosity of Second Debut Boutique.  Learn more about this unique thrift store {here}, and see how they are part of changing the community!

Do you want to shop thrift, but don't know how?  Fashion Fix can help!  Schedule your thrift shopping appointment today by linking up to the website or email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com


I Miss You

                    photo credit: Erin Sikkink

Blouse {American Eagle Outfitters}
Tee {J.Crew}
Denim {Old Navy}
Boots {Mia}

What I miss...  Number one, this navy stripe tee from J.Crew.  Darn the red permanent that left its mark and took this top away from me!  Number two, I miss it being warm in March.  Although the temps haven't been terrible this month, I could stand a few degrees in the upward direction.  Number three, having time for photo shoots!  I remember this being a leisurely Sunday when my friend Erin came over to take these pics.  After we drank wine, ordered pizza, and relaxed.  Now I can't remember when the last Sunday was when Eric and I didn't have something scheduled. 

What do you miss?

If you miss having a wardrobe you like or style that gives your confidence, we should talk!  Link up to Fashion Fix and find the right solution to your frustrations. 


Goodwill is a Good Deal


The Breakdown

Top {4.99}
Sweater {4.99}
Necklace {2.99}


Top {4.99}
Jacket {8.99}
Necklace {3.99}
Shoes {3.99}

Top {4.99}
Jacket {8.99}
Necklace {2.99}
Shoes {3.99}

Top {4.99}
Scarf {1.99}
Necklace {2.99}

Dress {8.99}
Jacket {6.99}
Bag {4.99}

Top {4.99}
Necklace {2.99}

Dress {4.99}
Sweater {4.99}
Necklace {2.99}

Dawn is on a tight budget, but still has big style goals.  I took Dawn on a shopping trip to the Goodwill in St Louis Park, and we made out like bandits!  Fashion Fix stepped in and showed her how to shop for value and dress for fashion.

Fashion Fix does thrift, do you?  


Day Dreamer

Top {J.Crew}
Pants {J.Crew}
Shoes {Old Navy}
Bracelet {Loft}

Cute Girl {Photo Bomber}

I have been rummaging through pics of old photo shoots and these melted my heart.  One, because they were taken my amazing sister, who has been an unshakable supporter of me and Fashion Fix since the beginning.  She comes to every workshop and is my best promoter!  Two, how cute is this little photo bomber!  She was watching from afar the whole time and just couldn't wait to jump into the snapshot :)  Three, seriously those sun rays make me sigh.  

I can feel the sun and smell the grass in these pictures!  

psst!  Don't forget to see me in Hopkins next week!  Link to register {here}.



The number one issue my clients have when it comes to wearing a blazer is that they feel overdress.  Next comes stuffy, masculine, and just plain old awkward.  But I never let them run away from this wardrobe essential.  

There are a few styles I suggest when it comes to buying a blazer.

1. Navy Wool; I love this a classic school boy style.  Shorter in length, gold details, 2 button.
2. Black; I love this in a traditional suit look.  Longer in length, basic, light weight.
3. Striped; I love this a cotton summer style.  Navy stripes, light weight, comfortable.
4. Color; I love this in any jewel tone.  Red or cobalt blue are easiest to style!

Style Suggestions...
Disclaimer: these are real women, wearing real clothes, from real life closets!  You can read Fashion Fix's philosophy on styling {here}.

Still intimidated by this wardrobe staple?  Fashion Fix can show you how to overcome your fears.  Schedule your in-home style consultation {here}.

Want to see more client style?  Visit the client style file {here}!

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