I Miss You

                    photo credit: Erin Sikkink

Blouse {American Eagle Outfitters}
Tee {J.Crew}
Denim {Old Navy}
Boots {Mia}

What I miss...  Number one, this navy stripe tee from J.Crew.  Darn the red permanent that left its mark and took this top away from me!  Number two, I miss it being warm in March.  Although the temps haven't been terrible this month, I could stand a few degrees in the upward direction.  Number three, having time for photo shoots!  I remember this being a leisurely Sunday when my friend Erin came over to take these pics.  After we drank wine, ordered pizza, and relaxed.  Now I can't remember when the last Sunday was when Eric and I didn't have something scheduled. 

What do you miss?

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Erin Sikkink said...

I miss that American Eagle plaid top. Shirt twins!

Lindsey Kuhn said...

ha ha, i knew that one was a keeper!