Fashion Fix Favorites

I am frequently asked by guests at the Styled Right Workshop, and clients - what's in my closet, what can't I live with out?  For the most part this list stays pretty true, sometimes things change and new items are added.  I often recommend my picks to clients, friends, and family.  Guess what, you're my friends and family too!  If you want to be a client, that can also happen - just link {here}!

1. J.Crew Vintage Tee - white and black are essential, if you want to get fun I love the neon pink and green too

2. Loft Leopard Belt - I wear this over dresses, with jeans, and skirts

3. Old Navy Rock Star Skinny Jeans - dark, dark, dark wash!

4. Steve Madden Ballet Flats - a nude shoe should be in every closet

5. Lia Sohia Efflorescence Necklace - pendant necklace are the best for elongating the torso and drawing the eye in

6. H&M Leggings - they have a high rise and never stretch out!

7. J.Crew Gold Hoop Earrings - classic piece of jewelry that can be styled with every outfit

8. Target Merona Crepe Dress - this dress get pulled out of the closet on the regs, I dress up and casual at least twice a week

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