Conquering the Mall Of America...... Eeek!

There is a wild jungle here in the Twin Cities.  Herds roam about, the environment is unpredictable, it's difficult to navigate, and you are always hunting for something while you're there!  There's only one jungle you'll find a fashionista in, and it doesn't have mosquitoes.  If you haven't guessed it yet I'm talking about the Mall of America.  Many of you out there do see the MOA as a jungle, and most of you don't want to venture to, or through it.  I however am expert guide when it comes this concrete jungle.  I know where to shop, when to shop, and how to shop while getting the most out of your time and money!

I love taking my clients to The Mall and dispelling all their fears and demystifying the secrets to being a MOA pro.  I love to take groups of women or work one on one with clients.  If you haven't seen some of my prior work (not to brag or anything...,) check out some images from this trip I took with 4 ladies over here from Wisconsin earlier this summer.

My latest voyage was with Jen, a top client from Fashion Fix.  We took on the stores at The Mall just last month.

Looks from Loft

Style at Old Navy

If want you personal and professional shopping help visit www.fashionfixmn.com.  Too many women over-spend and under-buy when shopping.  You go broke spending too much time and money at the mall, then when you come home you still fell like you have nothing to wear!  Fashion Fix will show you how to shop smart and purchase the right pieces that will actually enhance your wardrobe, leaving you to feel styled and still in budget.  You will gain confidence in knowing what stores and styles you should be shopping from now on!

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