Bringing Up Boobs!

Well gang, I did it!  I got my bra make-over from Amy Holland 'The Bra Lady' with Essential Bodywear.  It took all but 3 minutes into my time with her to say to my self, and out loud, "Why have I not done this before!"  1 hour with Amy has changed the rest of my styled life!  And I mean it when I say 'styled life'.

They mission of Fashion Fix is to empower women & build confidence, providing my clients with the tools and resources to be their best selves so they can live their best lives.  But my talents only run so deep, which is where Amy comes in.  Her knowledge and skills take it to the next level, literally, to level right underneath you clothes.  I talk loud and proud about creating shape in a woman's style though different tips and techniques when it comes to what you wear and how you style it.  What Amy showed me was how much difference the right bra makes when it comes to slimming your figure and getting the right shape out of your garments.

The pictures speak a thousands words!  I was shock at how much slimmer my waist looked and how much more shape my figure got when I was put into the Abbie Bra from Essential Bodywear It felt like butta' when I slipped into this undergarment and I didn't want to go back to what I was wearing! The bras from EBW have a comfort I've never felt before in a bra, even with under wire!  The best part of being made over and fitted by Amy was that she not only made me feel comfortable, but she educated me on the whys and whats when it comes to undergarments.

Did you know you should be fit and sized yearly, at a minimum.  No lie, when I arrived I told Amy I didn't even know what size I was any more.  Also, you only really 3 bras in your wardrobe.  "Every woman should have a 2 beige and a black.  You rotate these daily, wash every 3 wears, and they should last 12 - 18 months," said Amy.


A special offer is being extended to Fashion Fix clients only!  Clients will receive 1 FREE bra with the purchase of 2 regularly priced bras from Amy Holland with EBW.  More details at ...

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