Blazer Basics

Do y'all remember {this} post, about my hair.  It includes a funny story, tips on how I temper my hair, and featured a great preppy blazer from J.Crew.  Well that blazer has since become part of the 'in 15 pounds pile'.  Currently it's too small, and I've been missing it :(  

Funny story though....  This is that blazer!!!!  As Bella Moxie and I were digging through the backroom at Second Debut, this classic tweed riding jacket from J.Crew jumped into my arms, and  in a size that fits!  I couldn't even believe it!  I knew it was meant to be and that it must be part of this feature post!  We are reunited and it feels so good.  You can unite with with this blazer and more on Thursday, August 14th at the Fall Fashion Party.  This shindig won't disappoint.  You'll enjoy exclusive fashions, personal styling and light bights!  Get your tickets {here}.

photo credit: Eric Froemming

Blazer {second debut; j.crew}
Tee {j.crew}
Denim {old navy}
Shoes {second debut}

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