Rounding Up At Rosedale Center: Part 1

I love shopping!!!  We'll, what I REALLY LOVE... is shopping with my clients.  It makes my heart happy when I can show a woman how many options she has to feel confident and beautiful in endless styles.  You know you've been there, you take one lap through a store and find nothing.  Then you feel like there will never be anything that fits you, your body, or your style.  That myth is dispelled when you shop with Fashion Fix.  You'll learn how to shop the racks, try on great styles, and know what best pieces are worth coming home with you.

Meet my most recent client:
Lauren is 27, in between sizes, and starting a new job.  She will be going from wearing a uniform everyday to dressing 'business casual'.  She wants to make sure she is getting the most versatility from her wardrobe while staying in budget.  Being able to go from work, to dinner, drinks, or any evening event is crucial.  We went to Rosedale Center and got busy.

Umm... don't worry we went to many more store.  But, we had so much success styling this lovely lady I had to split the pictures into two posts!  Tune in tomorrow to see more of what we found for Lauren!

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