I've Got The Blues

Even though the title to this article is a play on words (get it, I'm wearing two shades of blue...)  I really did have the blues this summer!  Early in July I took a big tumble off my bicycle (I say bicycle because when I say bike, the first question I get is "...a motorcycle?")  I separated my shoulder and sat on the couch for a good 2 1/2 weeks.  Which means that I can have an in-depth conversation with you about the t.v. show 'Weeds', and the dysfunction, or sanity as some might say, of the character Nancy Botwin.  Can we say #bingewatching :)

But I'm back on the wagon!  Styling, shopping, and posting, oh my!  Posting this week is dedicated to my besties at Second Debut.  They are hosting their annual Fall Fashion Party where you'll partake in exclusive styles, personal shopping, and light bights!  Two local stylist, moi and Amanda from Bella Moxie will be there to help you shop, style and have fun.

photo credit: Eric Froemming

Blouse {second debut)
Cardigan {second debut; ralph lauren}
Denim {old navy}
Necklace {claire's}
Bracelet {unknown}
Shoes {target}

Have a great day, and be the best you today so you can live your best life!  Check out www.fashionfixmn.com for more ways to be the best you :)

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