Old Skirt in New Fashions

If you haven't heard yet, I have to ask..  Where have you been!!!  We are having a party next week, you are invited, and you must be there.  You must be there for many reasons, first of which is getting a good deal on great fashions!  Second Debut is hosting their annual Private Fall Fashion Party next week on Thursday August 14th, 7p-9p.  You'll enjoy exclusive styles, personal shopping, and light bites!

Two local stylist will be there to help you find the right looks for your wardrobe.  If you haven't guessed yet, I'll be one of those stylist along with Amanda Williams from Bella Moxie!  Everyday leading up the party we'll be featuring exclusive pieces that will be available for shopping that night.

photo credit: Eric Froemming

Blouse {old navy}
Skirt {second debut; j.jill}
Belt {american eagle}
Shoes {second debut; coach}
Necklace {j.crew}
Earrings {j.crew}

Have a great day and be the best you today so you can live your best life!  Check out www.fashionfixmn.com for more ways to be the best you :)

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