Thank You for Vintage...

Okay... throwback packaging is not exclusive to football jerseys or soda cans, come on ladies let's get on the bandwagon.  I want to be packaged in a vintage look too!!!

I love the lines, the cuts, the colors and patterns of fashions from days gone by.  My favorite of course being the 70's.  High waisted a-line skirts with a good boot are my top picks.

A lady in the fashion of life know here style inspiration...

What better time of the year to adorn this style than the fall...
And what better holiday to create the look than Thanksgiving!

Sweater - Loft
Necklace - Bitten
Skirt - J.Crew
Boots - J.Crew


Geeky Glam Holiday...

With the season now being upon us and recently posting a pic of a sequin skirt (Sequin + Garment = Holiday Ready...), I am in the mood for the razzle dazzle of the holidays.  

I love mixing together looks that you wouldn't normally pair.  This outfit is like seeing the fashionista eating lunch with the bookwormy science girl in the cafeteria!  Which really... I kinda see my self as both of those characters anyways.  And a lady in the fashion of life would eat lunch with any gal pal!

So hop to it, be a glam gal and an intellect!  Wear gold brocade and penny loafers at the same time.  Don't forget the glass though because you wouldn't be able to read that copy of The Bell Jar you carry around or your recent issue of InStyle.

Glasses - American Eagle Outfitters
Shirt - J.Crew
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Bass Co.


We're Safe...The Post Doesn't Come on Sundays...

This week's spend v. save comes at you from a different angle, or perspective if that makes you feel more comfortable.  I gotta tell you, in the past month and a half I have had the chance to be let into people's lives and their emotions as they are experiencing them.  It is a scary thing to be a part of sometimes, and a sensitive place to be with people.  

More and more my goal everyday is let people know it's safe with me.  Tell me how you feel, tell me how you wish you felt, tell me how you don't want to feel, and tell me all the things in between.  This is how we need to spend our time with each other.  Creating relationships that are adding value and connection, it might just save us.  

We are all human and we need to stop being embarrassed about it because it won't ever change.  We are  not formulas or mathematical equations.  We are more like a 400 level pshyc class rather than honors calc.  No spread sheet will explain what runs through our heads and hearts.

What we can also do it spend time recognizing each other and supporting each other in humble ways.  I love the hand written note that is sent and received via US Mail!  Besides the  thought being kind we need to save the USPS from going bankrupt.

A lady in the fashion of life always has stationary on hand!  I love to shop the dollar zone at Target.  This is what I have found there for cards before and now they have great holiday greeting cards.  Stock up and share with others!


Why So Snoodie...

I love me the snood!!!  I just can't get a enough.  Really it's the perfect substitution for a scarf, and sorry
but I am moving past the scarf!  I need a new love and the snood
is the perfect rebound.  Plus it adds the right amount of sophistication to go to a
book reading at the downtown library in Minneapolis!

What....!  Yes that is what I did and this is what I wore.

I went to Talk of the Stacks sponsored MPR.  The presenter was Will Hermes
reading from his novel Love Goes to Buildings on Fire.
It was great and I recommend linking to his site and checking out his deal.
Loved it!

Snood Shirt - Loft
Blouse - J.Crew
Leggings - J.Crew
Boots - Frye


Sequins+Garment=Holiday Ready

I love to create and I get inspired by others frequently!  Some of my favorite fashion motivators are Pinterest, InStyle, store catalogs  and everyday women.  Every once in a while I love to make what I see happen.  It almost seems like a fashion challenge, on a budget, because I can't buy anything new.  Here is one of my experiments of late...

Seriously get a sequin skirt TODAY!  It is so fun to wear and you feel so glam.

Blazer - American Eagle
Tak - J.Crew
Skirt - Forever 21
Boots - Banana Republic


Work It Out...

 Spend v. Save

Oh gosh, those pretty little things at the gym wearing Lululemon, pooh!  I love Lululemon, they participate in their communities, they empower women, they encourage healthy lifestyle, and all other feel good things in your heart.  I however really really really love Target because they have weekly ad sales, clearance merchandise, inexpensive apparel, and I can buy tampons and milk at the same time!  Say what....!
Here’s the deal, as you can gather I am a girl on a budget.  I want to look cute too when I am at the gym as a single lady, but I can not afford the Lulu.  What does float my boat is a $10 dollar tank and pair of shorts at Target, that’s where I save a bundle on my fitness wardrobe.  Trust me it is durable clothing and comfortable.  I have run 5 marathons, 4 half marathons, and 1 duathlon wearing this stuff!  And I have felt cute and colorful doing it.  I love love love their neon tees and tanks the most!!!  They make you easy to spot on race day for the friends and family who are coming to support and cheer you on.
This is were I choose to spend, my Asics running shoes.  They cost about $100 each time but they will make or break your performance.  You have to have proper work out shoes that support, cushion and fit you right.  I completely recommend getting your shoes at a specialty store.  Here they observe and analyze your foot to make sure you get in the right pair.  A lady in the fashion of life always has the right pair of shoes.

Nothing I say or suggest isn’t something I haven’t tried my self.  You be the judge, here are the results in image.
Twin Cities Marathon 2011

After the Finish Line!


First Date, Second Try...

This weekend I had a first date.  Poor fella, he had no idea what he was getting into.
  After one week on a new job I was in leadership
management mode.  I swear he felt like he was on the 
worst job interview ever.  I actually at one point said...

"Give me an example of ..."

"Can you be more specific..."

"Tell me about a time when..."

I mean are you joking me, am I really going to get a second date and another try?  He did make it through drinks at moto-i and dinner and Fuji Ya, I was impressed.

At least I conjured up an outfit I could work it in.  A lady in the fashion of life can pull her clothes together even when she can't pull thoughts together.

Scarf - Heartbreaker
Blouse - J.Crew
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Target


This is what I did, This is what I wore...

Belated Birthday...

One of my besties for my restie (rest of my life that is), and I needed to desperately celebrate her birthday that was last week.  Because we are both in the throws of work, dating, and life sometimes we have to move mountains to be together.  But no matter the size of the rock we make it happen.  A lady in the fashion of life can make it all happen for her girlfriend.  

That is just what we did last night when we went to a great restaurant neither of us had been too.  We spoiled our selves at Amici in northeast Minneapolis.  Wine, pasta and pizza were the perfect pairs to accompany us while catching up on life, love and all its mysteries!

As always this was an occasion that called for a fashionable entrance, so this is what I wore...

Jacket - Anne Klien
Shirt - J.Crew
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Target
Bag - J.Crew
Scarf - Burberry