This is what I did, This is what I wore...

Belated Birthday...

One of my besties for my restie (rest of my life that is), and I needed to desperately celebrate her birthday that was last week.  Because we are both in the throws of work, dating, and life sometimes we have to move mountains to be together.  But no matter the size of the rock we make it happen.  A lady in the fashion of life can make it all happen for her girlfriend.  

That is just what we did last night when we went to a great restaurant neither of us had been too.  We spoiled our selves at Amici in northeast Minneapolis.  Wine, pasta and pizza were the perfect pairs to accompany us while catching up on life, love and all its mysteries!

As always this was an occasion that called for a fashionable entrance, so this is what I wore...

Jacket - Anne Klien
Shirt - J.Crew
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Target
Bag - J.Crew
Scarf - Burberry

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EttaGrace said...

Love your outfit! Those stripes with that jacket are adorable! Also... love the laugh! ;)