Work It Out...

 Spend v. Save

Oh gosh, those pretty little things at the gym wearing Lululemon, pooh!  I love Lululemon, they participate in their communities, they empower women, they encourage healthy lifestyle, and all other feel good things in your heart.  I however really really really love Target because they have weekly ad sales, clearance merchandise, inexpensive apparel, and I can buy tampons and milk at the same time!  Say what....!
Here’s the deal, as you can gather I am a girl on a budget.  I want to look cute too when I am at the gym as a single lady, but I can not afford the Lulu.  What does float my boat is a $10 dollar tank and pair of shorts at Target, that’s where I save a bundle on my fitness wardrobe.  Trust me it is durable clothing and comfortable.  I have run 5 marathons, 4 half marathons, and 1 duathlon wearing this stuff!  And I have felt cute and colorful doing it.  I love love love their neon tees and tanks the most!!!  They make you easy to spot on race day for the friends and family who are coming to support and cheer you on.
This is were I choose to spend, my Asics running shoes.  They cost about $100 each time but they will make or break your performance.  You have to have proper work out shoes that support, cushion and fit you right.  I completely recommend getting your shoes at a specialty store.  Here they observe and analyze your foot to make sure you get in the right pair.  A lady in the fashion of life always has the right pair of shoes.

Nothing I say or suggest isn’t something I haven’t tried my self.  You be the judge, here are the results in image.
Twin Cities Marathon 2011

After the Finish Line!


EttaGrace said...

Love it! Go woman Go!!!

Elizabeth said...

Lindsay, you look super cute in that tarjay, I say rock it girl!