Shop Local, Shop Small

I am a busy girl!  Between stopping in at our auto shop (Twin Cities Auto Spot) every now and then, getting the nanny kids from camp, and meeting with clients (Fashion Fix) I don't get to shop a lot.  Weird to say for girl who runs a fashion blog and is a personal stylist, right?  Well let me clarify.  I shop, but it's always mission style.  I typically have something specific to get for a client or my self, I am in and out the mall or store.  What I long for is a leisurely stroll through a cute boutique I stumbled upon, or the casual walk around the mall to see what's new.  

Well I actually had the chance the do some exploratory shopping this week, hurray!  The other day I had an hour to kill with the 5 year old.  We were in the neighborhood where this extremely cute farm stand/shop is located, and I have always wanted to check it out.  It was great!  And, I am posting this rendezvous here in the Shop Local, Shop Small series on the blog.  This is a series of post where I feature small local business in the Twin Cities.  Being a small business owner my self, I know we need all the support we can get!

To read the heart warming story of this farm link up {here}.  The stand/store is located in Eden Prairie on the corner of Eden Prairie Rd and Pioneer Trail.

These crazy guys greeted me at the gate!  As I explored further, I found many more unique goods.

 I couldn't resit shopping the all the yummy farm fresh foods!

And of course they had beautiful plants and flowers...

I loved this place, and you have to see it for your self.  Make sure you visit in the Fall too when they have mounds of pumpkins and Autumnal goods!

If there is a small local business you love and think we have to visit, tell us!  Leave your favorite boutique and store in the comments, we want to know!

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My First Big Girl Closet!

If you follow Fashion Fix on Facebook, or check out the website often, you already know that I had my youngest client yet!  It was incredibly fun, and she was too cute to even handle.  What makes working with a lady this young so different from working with a lady of age, is that there was a lot more teaching to be done.  You could say we spent the afternoon doing a closet workshop!  I started by having her show me how everything was organized, what clothes she wore the most, how she put away her laundry, etc.  My favorite part was when she showed me how her dresser drawers were kept and she said, "...it's okay they're messy, that's how I make everything fit." 

So what are the steps to cleaning up a child's closet?

1. Mom, you gotta go!  I have seen countless children's closets with mom's extra stuff stored in them.  If you want your son or daughter to take ownership and responsibility for their room; it's gotta be their room.  Which means you can not commandeer their space.  Handbags and dresses went back into the master bedroom.

2. Create intentional storage.  I know that kids have hand-me-downs that don't quite fit yet, and costumes from Halloween past, but don't just leave them a mess in the corner.  At minimum, $5 plastic bins will do the trick.

3. Categorize their clothes.  This will help them put away laundry with ease and get dressed quicker in the morning.  Why, because they can find everything!  Oh, and give them a step stool to reach if they are not yet tall enough.

4. Thin out the dresser.  More clothes should be hanging than you think.  When the drawers are too full and piles are folded too high there is no way it's going to stay organized.  Dressers should be for play/grubby clothes, socks, undies and pajamas.

5. Give them some help.  Even as adults keeping socks and underwear organized is a trick.  Get some drawer dividers to keep everything in it's place.

6. Toys belong with toys, and books belong with books.  We had to spend some time cleaning up her bookshelf so we could put away what had piled up on top of the dresser.  You gotta do it, when things have their place they are more likely to get put away there.

What does the child learn?

1. How to put away laundry.
2. How to clean up their room.
3. How to get dressed independently.

Why is this a good investment?

1. You can stop buying bulk Advil.  You won't have such a headache when you walk into your child's room, it won't be so messy.
2. You can read more of your Oprah/InStyle/Lucky magazine.  You won't have to spend so much time putting away your son or daughter's laundry, they can do it them selves now!
 3. You can enjoy your morning coffee.  These tikes will be able to get dressed with out screaming "Mom...where's my _____!" every 5 seconds.
4. Your kids don't always listen to you.  It's a fun fact that when some messages come from someone else they are miraculously heard ;)

Fashion Fix offers closet re-organization for children ages 6 - 12, for more information email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com.  Rates vary from traditional closet re-organization.

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Land of 10,000, City of 20

St. Paul and Minneapolis are divided by the mighty Mississippi, and are The Twin Cities.  One lies east and the other west.  Each has its own heritage and history, and each celebrates those in their unique way.  St. Paul has the Winter Carnival {here} while Minneapolis puts on the Aquatennial Festival of the Lakes {here}!  Both events are a huge deal and bring the community together.  For many years as a resident of Minneapolis I have been on the side lines enjoying all the events and activities Aquatennial brings.  Here are just a few...

River Rats Water Show {here}

Milk Carton Boat Race {here}

Sandcastle Building Contest {here}

The Torchlight Parade {here}

The Queen of the Lakes Coronation {here}

This year I got invited to come off the side lines and be guest at one of the most special events.  There are 47 beautiful young ladies from across the great state of Minnesota who gather here during the week of Aquatennial, all hoping to be crowned The Queen of the Lakes.  This queen becomes an ambassador for the city of Minneapolis across the country, participating in events such as... The Tournament of Roses Parade!  You can learn more about this organization {here}. 

Past queens make it a priority during the week of Aquatennial to pour into these young women and create events and opportunities for them to get to know one another and meet women leaders in Minneapolis.  Last night there was such an event; a candidates meet and great with women business leaders of Minneapolis.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend and share my journey from being an eager college student, confused grad, hard working 20 something, and now 30 something business owner.  It was a such an honor to be with these girls who are leaders in their communities and on their own journeys, which I'm sure will lead to success and greatness in their lives.

Here are scenes from the night...

Food from Brasa {here}

A little bit of history {here}

Me speaking {here}

Me with some the current court and past queens!  Including Alissa Hibst, a past Queen of the Lakes, who made the whole night happen!  She is just the best and looking too cute in her navy striped dress ;)

photo credits:
larry grace photography
aquatennial facebook


Dump the Frump

Always a lot happening in the world of Fashion Fix, but for some reason I thought it was time for more Dump the Frump.  Check out the looks below for styling tips on how to spruce up some of your outfits!

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