Shop Local, Shop Small

I am a busy girl!  Between stopping in at our auto shop (Twin Cities Auto Spot) every now and then, getting the nanny kids from camp, and meeting with clients (Fashion Fix) I don't get to shop a lot.  Weird to say for girl who runs a fashion blog and is a personal stylist, right?  Well let me clarify.  I shop, but it's always mission style.  I typically have something specific to get for a client or my self, I am in and out the mall or store.  What I long for is a leisurely stroll through a cute boutique I stumbled upon, or the casual walk around the mall to see what's new.  

Well I actually had the chance the do some exploratory shopping this week, hurray!  The other day I had an hour to kill with the 5 year old.  We were in the neighborhood where this extremely cute farm stand/shop is located, and I have always wanted to check it out.  It was great!  And, I am posting this rendezvous here in the Shop Local, Shop Small series on the blog.  This is a series of post where I feature small local business in the Twin Cities.  Being a small business owner my self, I know we need all the support we can get!

To read the heart warming story of this farm link up {here}.  The stand/store is located in Eden Prairie on the corner of Eden Prairie Rd and Pioneer Trail.

These crazy guys greeted me at the gate!  As I explored further, I found many more unique goods.

 I couldn't resit shopping the all the yummy farm fresh foods!

And of course they had beautiful plants and flowers...

I loved this place, and you have to see it for your self.  Make sure you visit in the Fall too when they have mounds of pumpkins and Autumnal goods!

If there is a small local business you love and think we have to visit, tell us!  Leave your favorite boutique and store in the comments, we want to know!

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