Red, White, and Obvious

Here is my problem with getting dressed for any holiday; I love to look the part!  Sometimes though, that's a little too much.  I would be girl on the this 4th of July who looks like a walking flag.  Now that's not appropriate; for anyone (Lady Gaga... don't do it!)  On the flip side, you don't want to avoid looking over-festive and show up in the classic Old Navy 4th tee-shirt.  (But if you really want it you can buy it {here}.  It does look cute on the kiddos.)

There has to be a middle of the road... a way to look patriotic, be styled, be comfortable, and be dressed appropriate for the bbq.  Right?  Well you are right; there is!  I've got 12 looks with 3 rules you can use to look cute, summery, and patriotic this Independence Day.

First, swap out your blue for chambray.  (Chambray is just a fancy way of saying denim.)  This is a great way to look all American and not to obviously dressed in red, white and blue.  Mix it up with prints in red, gold accessories, and causal shoes.  

Second, do orange instead of red.  On most complexions red is not flattering.  And when I say most complexions, I mean all.  I love red as an accent color in outfits, but red as a primary piece washes you out!  Orange on the other is much more flattering.  This is a warm color that gives you a rosy glow and deepens your tan; instead of bringing out your rosacea.  Orange is softer all around and will give you a great look for the 4th!

Lastly, toss in some yellow.  If you just can't get out of your red, white and blue outfit accessorize it with yellow.  It's a great color to break up color-blocked looks and stands out beautifully against navy.  Also if you are blonde yellow is your friend.  This color makes your highlights shine and eyes sparkle.  Wearing this color in the summer is sure to make you look like a beach beauty!

If you want to see all the ingredients used to make these looks visit my Polyvore page {here}.

Go out and be proud, be patriotic, and be styled!

Happy 4th,


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Linsey said...

Great ideas, Linds!

Lindsey Kuhn said...

Thanks gal! I would love to hear what you all are going to wear to your 4th festivities? Send in outfit ideas I can post for other readers to be inspired by!