Google Out, Bloglovin' In...

Many of you already know that Google Reader is on its way out the door.  In light of that news many blog followers and blog writers are making to move to Bloglovin'.  Bloglovin' already has a mass of users and, I'm late to the party!  Here is a quick step by step on how to sign up for Bloglovin' and how to follow Life in Fashion (Fix).  Don't sweat it though, if this is all too much you can still simply follow by email.

Quick note, the web address for this blog is still lifeinfashionwithlindaisy.blogspot.com.  So if you search for this blog on Bloglovin' you will need to search Life in Fashion with Lindaisy not Life in Fashion (Fix).  Which if you are just joining us, the name change of the blog is all in effort to merge my social media life with my business life.  Business life being Fashion Fix LLC, you can read all about that {here}.

1. Visit Bloglovin' {here}.  This is what you will see...

2.  You can do one of two things, Login or Sign Up.

3. If you Login, search Life in Fashion With Lindaisy.  Then click to follow.

4. If you Sign Up, search Life in Fashion With Lindaisy.  Then click to follow.

5. You can also use Facebook to follow.

You may also see that there is now a Bloglovin' button in the side bar here.  That is a direct link to follow this blog.  Basically a shortcut around all of the steps I just listed, lol!

See you all in the new blog world :)


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