Shop, Save, Style...Old Navy

A couple of house keeping items first.  One, man friend (which is Eric if you follow my {Instagram} or {Twitter} post, so we should refer to him as such from now on) did not say anything about me working at the desk when I was suppose to be on be rest ;)  You can catch up on that story from Wednesday's post {here}.  Second, is that I do try to reply to any comments left on posts, so just be sure to check back for any answers to question and so on :)

Moving on... I hope that you may recognize today's post title: Shop, Save, Style!  This is the first installment of what I hope to be a regular feature on Life in Fashion.  A couple weeks ago, I talked about two topics I want to feature on the blog going forward-this one, and 'Problem and Solution', which you can read about those {here}.  This topic will showcase my shopping adventures with pics of my favs I find in the stores, what pieces I actually brought home, and how I style them.  For my first week I chose Old Navy.  

I LOVE the ON!  I know many scoff at it, but they have become one of the top budget fashion competitors in the market.  First of all, they fit all sizes.  You can shop 0-xs or 18-xxl.  Second, they are revamping their whole accessories department and are on the right track.  Third, you can still buy the rainbow for about $25 in flip flops, tanks and tees.  Lastly, you gotta love the annual Old Navy 4th of July tee!  Wait I forgot, I love their commercials too :)

And here's what came home with me.  These are what won my heart over knowing I could get at least one work outfit, one weekend outfit and one for fun outfit out of each of these.  Plus with how affordable they are I might be able to splurge on a thing or two next time out!  Note that these were all purchased on 6/8 so you can run out to your local ON and they will be currently available.

Now you have the 'shop' portion of this madness.  Tomorrow will be the 'style & save'.  If you want to guarantee you don't miss out sign up to follow by email or join as a member of the blog site.  That way the style inspiration will be dropped right into your inbox for you! 

See you manana!

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