Shop, Style, Save...ON, Sequined Tank

The votes are in and the last item in this series to be styled is the sequined tank!  If you are just joining, read up {here} about the Shop, Style, Save series on the blog.  If you didn't catch the first store to be shopped, read about that {here}!  If you missed the first piece that was shopped, styled and saved, see it {here}, the second piece {here}, and the third piece {here}.

I have to say, I was so hoping that this tank would be voted in!  I am a sucker for sequins and I can find a way to wear them anywhere, anytime.  My clients are constantly looking for small ways to jazz up their wardrobe, and this piece will do the trick.  It's a simple cut, in a comfortable fabric, and basic color.  Yet it's dazzled up with sequins.

blouse - loft
pants - j.crew
shoes - target
necklace - forever 21
earrings - lia sophia

denim jacket - j.crew
shorts - loft
sandals - old navy
jewelry - j.crew, forever 21, loft

jeans - loft
necklace - francesca's
shoes - target
ring - lia sophia
jewelry - loft, j.crew, forever 21

The break down...

Shopped - the Ombre Sequined Tank for $19.94.  Buy {here}

Styled - 3 ways and if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 9 outfits.

Save - You only spend $2.21 each time to wear it!

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