Here's How It Goes...

As I said earlier this week I want to give you guys the chance to have some of the same shopping, styling and problem solving my clients get.  So to do that here are couple post topics that are going to happen this summer...

Topics here are going to show how I take clients through the mall and teach them how to shop smart and not buy up the whole store.  When we get home we style the newly acquired piece with what is already living in the closet.  Then we calculate the bang for the buck!  How can you participate?  Good question!  If you have a store you shop in frequently or  have gone shopping and have a bag of goodies you would like to see styled we can do that.  Just email me the store and pics of your purchases and we'll make it happen.  Just be sure to sign up to follow by email so you can see when your content goes live!

Okay, this one is a goodie.  Summer wedding or engagement party?  Work patio happy hour?  Meeting the significant others parents?  Attending a baptism or first communion?  Bachlorette party or bridal shower?  Maybe a first, second, third interview?  Are you going to any of these events or something like it and you have someone to impress, an old beau you haven't seen in a while perhaps?  Or maybe you lost a bunch of weight and want to show it off.  Whatever you do, how ever you want to look I can help.  Just email me details and we can do some styling.  Be sure to sign up to follow by email so you can see when your content goes live!

There is more to come but I gotta hit the road and go camping :)  Don't worry you'll hear about it, lol!

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