More Dump the Frump...

Okay, first of all this post will be a great little test.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that today I am suppose to on bed rest.  I threw out my back, again!  Man Friend set me up with all the needed accessories; iPad, Nook, all remotes, water, McCafe coffee, and a blanket.  So I should be on the couch napping, reading, or watching Netflix.  He trotted off to work this morning and instantly I was bored.   Here I am sitting at the computer working.  So if he reads today's post, I'll be in trouble.  If doesn't read it well then he might be in trouble because he should be reading my blog, am I right?

All I can think about is yesterday's blog post talking about how to get out of those frumpy looks we all are known to wear.  I posted two great tips and my mind is riddle with more ways to slim down your outfits.  So here are a couple more ways to can rework outfits to tighten up any look!

1. This is a layering rule I teach all my clients.  If when you are layering you lose the shape the garment you are doing it wrong.  You can see in the before picture you have no idea what shape the dress is under that bulky jacket.  In the after picture you can see that there is a waist line on the dress and we see the silky texture much more with the sweater cardigan instead of the linen jacket.  Adding the belt and the shorter 3rd piece brings out the skirt length of dress more too.

2.  This method of styling is what I call 'Nip & Tuck'.  In the first picture the dress just hangs we have no shape of the figure or the dress.  When we add a long open cardigan and belt over the dress we see a silhouette and a waist!  We are adding ways to 'Nip & Tuck' in at the waist.

3.  The trick is to lighten up the look.  In the before picture this great sheath dress is layered with a heavy jacket from a suit.  It's not bad but when you compare it to the after picture where we put the dress with a lightweight merino cardigan you can see more of the dress.  Sometimes I see my clients swimming in fabric when they put together an outfit.  Thin out the fabrication and shorten the layer and you instantly thin out.  You may also notice that in all of the after looks I make sure to show the wrist.  Your wrist is one of the most dainty parts of your body.  When you flash it a little it goes a long way ;)

4.  You may not think color makes a huge difference in how small you can look, but it does!  This before and after is probably one of the best examples I have.  In the first look the client resembles a floating could.  All you see is a mixture of grey and blue, you don't even notice what the pieces are or see the shape of the person wearing everything.  In the second look we did more contrasting colors by changing to a black jacket with structure (sleeves rolled).  Also we switched out the scarf for a pearl necklace to show the neckline and added a belt to create more of a frame.  

Alright, I'm back to the couch!

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