Shop, Style, Save...ON, Black Sleeveless Top

OMG, these sleeves silk tops are saving my life this summer.  So as you know, just over a year ago my heart thumped and fell in love with Eric.  Since then the both of us have gotten 'fat & happy'.  Lot's of succulent dinners out, cocktails, frozen yogurt dates, etc... Add on the two of us starting 2 small businesses, and it's been a weight gain disaster.  You can see those shops {here} and {here}!

While I am counting the calories and walking the lake, these tops are making it work for me to stay cool and stylish.  The small collar gives it a little structure at the neck, the drape over the bust lays nicely so that even though they are loose, you don't look frumpy.  I can wear them dressy, casual, or sassy!  Right now at the ON you can find it in tons of colors too :)

If you are just joining and have no idea why this post is titled Day 3 at Old Navy, read up {here} about the Shop, Style, Save series on the blog.  If you didn't catch the first store to be shopped, read about that {here}!  If you missed the first piece that was shopped, styled and saved see it {here}, and the second piece {here}.

pants - loft
belt - michael kors
shoes - target
earring - lia sophia
necklace - american eagle

pants - loft
sandals - target
bracelets - loft
earrings - j.crew
ring - h&m
bag - coach

shorts - loft
belt - j.crew
necklace - loft
flip flops - jcrew
ring - lia sophia

The break down...

Shopped - the Crepe Pocket Tank for $19.94.  Buy {here}

Styled - 3 ways and if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 9 outfits.

Save - You only spend $2.21 each time to wear it!

See you tomorrow when the next piece is styled into my wardrobe.  If you don't want to have to remember to stop back, sign up to follow by email and you can have style inspiration dropped right into your inbox!

Okay, I have one more day to style a piece shopped.  Which one should it be?  Here is a pic of each, take the survey and let me know what you want!

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