Shop, Style, Save...ON, Green Dress

Emerald green, Pantone's color choice for 2013.  Not for that reason alone did this dress jump out at me, but because it only took 1 second for the life of this dress to flash before my eyes.  I am a knit dress junkie!  When you find one in a dazzling color with a traditional fit, you can work wonders with it.  These three outfits here are just the tip of the iceberg for this lovely.

If you are just joining and have not idea what I am talking about with this post, read up {here} about the Shop, Style, Save series on the blog.  If you didn't catch the first store to be shopped, read about that {here}!  If you missed the first piece that was shopped, styled and saved, see it {here}.

blazer - j.crew
necklace - j.crew
tote - j.crew
shoes - old navy
earrings - lia sophia

belt - heartbreaker
necklace - custom
purse - kathy van zeeland
boots - mia
earrings - j.crew
ring - loft

beach tote - j.crew
sunglasses - loft
espadrilles - j.crew
bracelet - loft

The break down...

Shopped - the Slub-Knit Dolman Jersey Dress for $19.00 on sale for $6.00 off.  Buy {here}

Styled - 3 ways and if you wear each of those looks 3 times a year that's 9 outfits.

Save - You only spend $2.11 each time to wear it!

See you tomorrow when the next piece is styled into my wardrobe.  If you don't want to have to remember to stop back, sign up to follow by email and you can have style inspiration dropped right into your inbox!

Just a fun reminder of what was shopped for this series...

Comments, thoughts, suggestion?  Which outfit is your favorite work, play, or fun?  Please leave all comments below, I love to read them :)

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