Plates; Not just for dinner...

Accessorizing is one of the BIGGEST struggles my clients have.  It's the missing link between just wearing some clothes and looking like you put together an outfit.  Layering on jewelry can take a look from casual to styled.  When clients tell me they don't know how to accessorize, they're wrong.  The real problem is that they can't find their accessories!  Once I get their jewelry out and organized, their eyes turn big and bright.  Clients see pieces they forgot they had and get excited to wear things that they haven't even taken the tags off of.

I get it.  It's hard to get it all cleaned out and organized, but try to think outside the box a little though.  Jewelry boxes don't always do the trick, and frankly they're ugly most of the time, with not very much storage.  So what do I use, dinner plates and serving trays!  You can use dinnerware for much more, such as business cards.  I just taped it off, painted it, and voila! 

Why does this work?  I am glad you asked!  First you can configure the storage how ever you want.  You are not restricted to store rings and necklaces to how a jewelry box might be designed.  The white background helps the color on the jewelry pop and it makes your jewelry look more interesting.  Also it it gives you more space so pieces don't get hidden by others or get tangled together.

What I used...

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