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As we enter into the New Year we often look for new style.  This week is all about style inspiration and the top celebrities that provide it for us.  Each lovely lady I selected to feature has a different approach to how they dress and detail.  Each beauty also has a unique personality that speaks to all of us in different ways.  Enjoy and find your motivation where you can!

Happy New Year!


The Winner Is ...

Betsy Anderson you deserves fabulous and you are going to get it!! You won these sparkly shinny beauties!

Tell me what your 2013 fashion/beauty resolution is.  The top 5 will be posted on the blog and I will be reveling them on the Jordana Green Radio Show next month!  Also we will be giving away goodies everyday that week to blog members to help you with your new year and new you!!!!  You can leave comments on the blog or email me at lindsey@fashionfixmn.com!


A Gift For You...

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Merry Christmas and see you tomorrow when I announce the winner!


Holiday Glamour...

Cardigan - J.Crew; Blouse - Loft; Skirt - Forever 21; Shoes - Target; Necklace - Lola;
Jewelry - J.Crew, H&M, Forever 21
I am so sad this is the last of the holiday party post.  I could put together an infinite amount of sparkly and jazzy outfits from my closet.  In fact when I asked a very adorable 5 year old what her fashion resolution was for 2013 she said "To wear more sequins and sparkle."
I am up for that next year!  Stand out in a crowd with your style is what I say.  Tell me what your 2013 fashion/beauty resolution is.  The top 5 will be posted on the blog and I will be reveling them on the Jordana Green Radio Show next month!
Don't forget to join this site.  One member will be chosen to win their own glitz on Christmas day!


Holiday Glitz...

Top - J.Crew; Blouse - Loft; Pants - J.Crew; 
Necklace - Melanie Shaw w/ Stella & Dot; Shoes - Target; 
Jewelry - J.Crew, Forever 21, H&M, Claire's

Seriously how could you not want to wear this outfit?  Red shoes, sequin top, sparkly necklace, dangly earrings!!!  This is one of my favs and we re-purposed pieces from Monday's post (see HERE).  A white blouse is an essential buy to be paired with multiple outfits.  And if you don't have red shoes get them on your shopping list.  They are great to have in either a flat or a heel!  A red shoe can be put with dozens of outfits to add a pop of color and flair with out having to do to much.

If my man friend was taking me to a holiday show and fancy dinner, this is what I would wear!

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Holiday Sparkle...

Blouse - Loft; Shorts - Gap; Shoes - Target; Scarf - Charming Charlie; 
Jewelery- J.Crew, Claire's, Forever 21 

I love glitzn' up for a holiday party or a New Year's bash!  It's not often you can reflect all the light in the city off of your outfit and feel fabulous.  All this week I am playing dress up with my most fun sparkly pieces from my closet.

I got inspired after I was interviewed last week on the Jordana Green Radio Show here in Mpls.  We talked all about what to wear and what not to wear to your soiree this year.  Link up to the podcast HERE and follow along on her Facebook page HERE.

Check in all week to see what gets created!  Sign up  to be a member of this blog and be entered to win a sparkly piece of your own to wear to your New Year's of Christmas party this year!


Happy Hour...

If I worked in an office downtown and I was going to happy hour on this Friday night this is what I would want to be wearing.  Leave the jacket behind, grab my clutch out of the work bag, and head out the door.  If you ever want to be ready for the night life after the work life here is what you need to do....

1. Wear something under your suit jacket that has the illusion of being conservative when layered but is fun when on its own.  Go sleeveless, printed, bright colors, or silk.
2. Always wear patent leather heels.  They are more polish and professional for the office and aren't stuffy looking when you wear them at night.
3. Pack a wristlet or clutch in your work bag.  Keep your lip gloss, cash, ID, and credit card handy in something small you can grab when you are running to get a latte at 4 o'clock or cocktail at 6 o'clock.
4. Play up your jewelry in the bracelet department.  They are not distracting like a big necklace or dangealy earrings would be when talking to your boss about an upcoming project.  When you are sipping a martini they make you look put together and accessorized.

Happy Friday!
Laugh with friends this weekend...


For Fun...

Blouse - American Eagle Outfitters (men's); Cardigan - American Eagle Outfitters; 
Leggings - J.Crew; Boots - MIA; Hat - J.Crew

I know I am late to the party all the time.  Mostly because I decide last minute what I am going to wear!  Seriously though I just watched my first episode of Duck Dynasty (love Uncle Si), I was using a Blackberry till about 2 weeks ago, just got a remote car starter after living in Minnesota for about a decade, plus more.  Most recently I just got on the Polyvore bandwagon!

To see what I mix up in the clothing lab you can follow me HERE.


Snow Boots...

Ok, I have no idea what kind of winter boots to own this winter. Since I have been out of MN the past ten years, I am totally out of the winter gear loop. Can not wait to see some of your winter boot fashion tips...along with winter wardrobes! 
Columbia buy Here
Sorel buy Here

I know shopping for boots can be hard for a Minnesota girl.  Let's get real.  You don't have time to mess around with fluffy cute girly stuff.  We get 2 ft of snow at a time, wind chills that pierce you and you have to shovel your car out of the street.  We need something that does it's job and keeps us warm and dry!
My problem is that I don't really want to look like I have man feet while I do these things in my winter boots.  Am I right?  Us Minnesota gals know how to take care of things in this tundra we live in, but we are still ladies!
My 2 top picks are these boots from Columbia and Sorel.  The silhouette of the foot isn't too clunky and the shearling lining give a little detail a girl would want.  Also the colors are perfect, the prices are good and they do the job.  When wearing these boots you won't look like a man or a fool with soggy feet!  
And by the way, I helped man friend get his truck out of the snowed in parking lot this morning wearing my Columbia boots!
Love You Always - Lindaisy



Blazer - J.Crew similar Here; Blouse - Loft similar Here; Jeans - Old Navy; Shoes - Bass Co. buy Here; Hair Product - Aveda buy Here and Here

As promised here is a tale from a night with the kiddos...

Man friend and I have wanted to take the 3 littles I nanny out to pizza for a while.  The litttles have been asking when we are going to go about three times a week.  This mostly because they have never met man friend before but have seen pictures.  First comment ever after seeing his pic from littles...

"He cute, but he's bald!  Why do you like him?"  ROTFL!  I love his bald head by the way, it makes him the handsome devil he is!  And he has height and stature, so when we walk down the street at night no one messes with a big tall bald guy!

So last night we finally have our pizza date.  The littlest of the littles kept starting at him with a questioning look across the table all through dinner.  We eat, we laugh, we talk, they ask him questions, we pay the bill and have a GREAT time.  Finally she crawls on my lap to get a little closer to this man she has been eying all night.  Then she leans on the table to look him in the eyes, her arms and hands go up in the air.  She stretches and reaches as far and tall as she can and spalt!  She grabs his head and asks "How did you lose all your hair?!"

We all burst in into tears from laughing and the door is open, now another one runs around the table to touch his shaved head to try and figure this out.  "You're to young to be bald, seriously how did you lose your hair?"  I don't think they every straight answer out of him, it might be a mystery of they will have to live with!

The kiddos loved man friend!  They are already planning our next date night with him.  I think they are going to push for bowling?  They also said they think we make a great couple, but still got grossed out when I kissed him goodnight.




Cardigan - J.Crew; Tee - J.Crew; Jeans - Old Navy; Shoe - Steve Madden; Bracelets - J.Crew, Loft, Forever 21

Most times when I wear these neon pink flats I hear the following.
"I love those!  But I am to old to wear them."  "I love those!  But I couldn't wear that."  "I love those! But (insert your excuse here)."

How you can make these work in your wardrobe is simple.  When you have any statement piece, shoes, jewelry, flashy top, leather pants, etc., all you need to do is pair it down with something simple.  Simple can be neutral colors like I did here, or clothing with no print or graphics on it.  I also went with a light pair of denim so I didn't feel so dressy in this outfit.  It helps to stay casual with some statement pieces so you can wear them for everyday. 


Question, Answer...

Hi Lindsey!!
First, I gotta say how much I love your blog! Honestly, because it is so realistic! I love that your clothes are all from Loft, JCrew, Old Navy, and Target - that is basically my whole closet too! If I don't have exactly what you're showing I definitely have something similar to make the concept work! It's awesome! Also love the organization ideas, you are so smart!!
Here's my question for you: It may be a little far out for skiing in MN but I am planning a trip to Vail soon and would love some tips and ideas about cute outfits to pack! Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated outside of the typical uggs, leggings, and a sweater! Also, know of any websites with discounted ski gear (cute jackets, pants, gloves)?! Let me know your thoughts!! It might be too far out but definitely something to think about as winter in approaching! 
Thanks for all your help!
Old Navy


Old Navy


Old Navy

Sierra Trading Post
Love you tons!  I appreciate your dedicated support and readership!
My tip when packing for a ski trip where you want to be functional and fashionable is to bring pieces that are multi-functional.  Heavy gauge wool sweaters, cashmere, and fleece are great fabrics to look for.  Why?  First they work for outdoor performance sports such as down-hill skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, etc.  They will keep you warm and allow breathing.  Second you can find apparel in these fabrics in great colors and prints!  This will help to feel fun and not dowdy when packing.  Lastly you will also be able to find pieces in these fabrics that have shape and good construction.  These fabrics are durable and retailers design them to still give you a figure and not look bulky and shapeless.
When shopping with these ideas in mind you should have no problem finding things to swoosh down the slopes in and hang out in the chalet wearing.
I also have included some discount web sites that have great selections of jackets, ski pants, and accessories!