Happy Hour...

If I worked in an office downtown and I was going to happy hour on this Friday night this is what I would want to be wearing.  Leave the jacket behind, grab my clutch out of the work bag, and head out the door.  If you ever want to be ready for the night life after the work life here is what you need to do....

1. Wear something under your suit jacket that has the illusion of being conservative when layered but is fun when on its own.  Go sleeveless, printed, bright colors, or silk.
2. Always wear patent leather heels.  They are more polish and professional for the office and aren't stuffy looking when you wear them at night.
3. Pack a wristlet or clutch in your work bag.  Keep your lip gloss, cash, ID, and credit card handy in something small you can grab when you are running to get a latte at 4 o'clock or cocktail at 6 o'clock.
4. Play up your jewelry in the bracelet department.  They are not distracting like a big necklace or dangealy earrings would be when talking to your boss about an upcoming project.  When you are sipping a martini they make you look put together and accessorized.

Happy Friday!
Laugh with friends this weekend...

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