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Welcome back gang!  I hope y'all had a great weekend!  I did a little bowling, a little babysitting and a little hair coloring.  Well I guess you could say a lot of hair coloring, I went from carmel brown to almost black.  It was time to make the seasonal change with my luscious locks.  Truth be told I don't often color my hair, and my budget doesn't allow the salon charge.  However I stumbled upon a fantastic gal and great downtown salon here in Minneapolis.  Caitie is a new stylist at Sanctuary Salonspa Minneapolis and is working on hair models and giving deep discounts and sometimes charging nothing at all for some services.  This great color was only $25, and they use all Aveda products!

If you are looking to freshen up your style and want to save some dollars this is the perfect time!  Here is how you do it...

1. Be a member of this blog site.  If you're not already a member click "join this site" and follow the prompts.
2. Call Caitie at 612-333-0300.
3. Let Caitie know you read about her on Life In Fashion With Lindaisy and you are interested in being a hair model for her! 
4. Look cute and fabulous for Fall!

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I know I am late to the game publishing pictures of carved pumpkins, but whatever!  Special note, my man friend would like your astonishment on how well he depicted the Vikings helmet (5th from the right) and how poor I did on carving mine.  In all fairness I gave up on carving the perfect pumpkin because I was more concerned with coordinating pictures for the blog.  Special thanks to Nathan Wong for snapping the pumpkin pics, I was having camera stupid in the dark and he was having camera intelligence. 

Not telling which is mine...

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Megan Moore said...

I just got an awesome massage at Sanctuary this week. I definitely recommend them! Rachel was my therapist.