More Dump the Frump

These are my favorite post, Dump the Frump.  The content for this series is driven by real women, with real wardrobes, and real struggles!  What is always funny to me with these consultations is that no matter how different we women think we are, we have so many of the same problems when it comes to our wardrobes and how to style them better!  You can look through past Dump the Frump post {here}, and you'll see some themes - tucking in, belting, hemming pants, etc.  Even though you may have a different body type or shape from the women in the pictures, you can still apply the styling tips your looks!
Be inspired and be... not frumpy!

If you want to be styled with your wardrobe, visit the Fashion Fix website {here} for pricing and scheduling.  All client styling is completed with clothing and accessories that clients own!

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