Tweenage Wasteland

So maybe this closet re-org isn't as dramatic as a wasteland.  But, I am sure some of you out there feel like your 10-13 year old's dressing space has a liking to a nuclear explosion site....

You may have popped by the blog a couple of weeks ago when I posted pictures of a closet Fashion Fix did that belonged to a very cute 6 year old.  If not, you can catch up on that one {here}.  It was a great workshop that taught her how to put away clean laundry, keep a clean room, and get dressed by her self (properly).  Thankfully Ms. Mom of that cutie was happy with our work, so she invited us back to help her older daughter get control of her clothes and closet.  Working with a 10 year old, who is going on 20 years old, is much different than working with a 6 year old.  Different goals, different priorities and a lot more clothes!

Girls in this stage are in what could be an awkward in between.  They may not be taking care of their possessions in a favorable way, still have things in their closet that are "kiddish", and want to have a more teen like room.  That's where we come in!  Take a look below, see how me helped this young gal start to make a transition from child to teen....

What we did is implement a few easy to follow guidelines.  First is toys come out of the closet.  This is the age where girls are starting get more into shopping, if they haven't already ;)  They are accumulating clothes and accessories that will have a longer shelf life in their wardrobe.  Make room for them, otherwise dis-organization and overflow will come out of no where; and fast!

Second, get rid of any organization tools or systems that take up room.  Trust me, they just become another place to accumulate junk.  Last, help them categorize their clothes.  Honestly as an adult you should be doing this too!  It helps you see just how many cardigans, tees, dresses, legging, etc that you own.  This way when you go shopping you are buying things that you need, and not just the same of what you own.

Now I am not claiming to be any miracle worker here.  But you know that children some how magically hear messages from others that just don't seem to sink in when delivered by a parent.  That's what we are here for.  Let the professionals come and help your tweenager or young one learn about organization and the importance of taking care of your things.

Fashion Fix offers closet re-organization for children ages 6 - 14, for more information email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com.  Rates vary from traditional closet re-organization.

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