We're Safe...The Post Doesn't Come on Sundays...

This week's spend v. save comes at you from a different angle, or perspective if that makes you feel more comfortable.  I gotta tell you, in the past month and a half I have had the chance to be let into people's lives and their emotions as they are experiencing them.  It is a scary thing to be a part of sometimes, and a sensitive place to be with people.  

More and more my goal everyday is let people know it's safe with me.  Tell me how you feel, tell me how you wish you felt, tell me how you don't want to feel, and tell me all the things in between.  This is how we need to spend our time with each other.  Creating relationships that are adding value and connection, it might just save us.  

We are all human and we need to stop being embarrassed about it because it won't ever change.  We are  not formulas or mathematical equations.  We are more like a 400 level pshyc class rather than honors calc.  No spread sheet will explain what runs through our heads and hearts.

What we can also do it spend time recognizing each other and supporting each other in humble ways.  I love the hand written note that is sent and received via US Mail!  Besides the  thought being kind we need to save the USPS from going bankrupt.

A lady in the fashion of life always has stationary on hand!  I love to shop the dollar zone at Target.  This is what I have found there for cards before and now they have great holiday greeting cards.  Stock up and share with others!

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BWorth1310 said...

Is it weird that I shed a tear while reading this post? Pretty sure you should write for Hallmark. Love the blog!!