If you know me, you know I never pass by the Target clearance rack with out taking a look.  This is where I find most all of my great deals, and they always land me compliments when I wear them.  When I share how much I spent, people are shocked :)  Remember these two posts, Style on Sale  & Style Still on Sale from earlier this year.  Everything I found was under $15, some things under $10.  The thing about it is, that Target is what we call a 'fast fashion' retailer.  This means that they are introducing new styles and trends faster and more often than you can keep up with.  If you are seeing it in Lucky, InStyle, or any other fashion mag you will see it at Target.  The good news for us is that these pieces have short shelf lives because what ever is 'in trend' for the next month needs room on the sales floor.

What I shopped this weekend.

One dirty little secret, prices are different at different Targets!  What you see posted here might be different at a store near you.  I shopped at the Target St Louis Park.  Also, some may be skeptical thinking that the good stuff on sale is only left/available in little sizes.  Not true!  I am a L/XL, 16 and each piece I pick was available in my size.

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