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If you recall a while back I spoke of an amazing confidence building experience I had with Kokoon, a local design house here in Minneapolis.  If you don't recall, that's okay.  I'll give you time to catch up, you can read that article {here}.  Since then a friendship has blossomed between Fashion Fix and Kokoon.  A friendship that has been uplifting, inspiring, and more!  Obviously I can't keep them to my self and I have no problem sharing things I love.  

A couple of weeks ago Kokoon allowed me and my client Julie to have a private fit session at their studios in south Minneapolis.  It was a blast!  I preselected pieces based on Julie's style and needs.  They were all organized and ready when we arrived, along with fresh coffee and treats :)  We went to town playing dress up, in a real life design studio!

Shown in style:
Curved Hem
Isla Linen Pant
Verve Sleeveless
Woodstock Maxi
Cameron Mesh Cami
Looper Cardigan
Verve Printed Sleeveless

Julie couldn't of had a better time, all while supporting a local business!  Both of us felt like we were part of something special, part of the process, part of something bigger.  We weren't just consumers at Kokoon, we were much more.  I can't wait to go back, and if you want to come with me you can!

Link up {here} for a runway event coming in June.  Email me {here} if you are interested in a style session at the Kokoon studio.

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