The number one issue my clients have when it comes to wearing a blazer is that they feel overdress.  Next comes stuffy, masculine, and just plain old awkward.  But I never let them run away from this wardrobe essential.  

There are a few styles I suggest when it comes to buying a blazer.

1. Navy Wool; I love this a classic school boy style.  Shorter in length, gold details, 2 button.
2. Black; I love this in a traditional suit look.  Longer in length, basic, light weight.
3. Striped; I love this a cotton summer style.  Navy stripes, light weight, comfortable.
4. Color; I love this in any jewel tone.  Red or cobalt blue are easiest to style!

Style Suggestions...
Disclaimer: these are real women, wearing real clothes, from real life closets!  You can read Fashion Fix's philosophy on styling {here}.

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