House Party...

Denim Jacket - J.Crew; Dress - J.Crew; Scarf - J.Crew; Leggings - J.Crew; Boots - MIA; Jewelry - Loft, J.Crew, Forever 21

It's that time of the year again, everybody has their Spring collection out and ready for shopping.  I have been to 2 Lia Sophia parties, Cabi, Tastefully Simple, and a 31 Party!  I can never say no to an invitation so my social calendar and pocket book are seeing a lot of action.  But what to wear, what to wear!?

Why This Works...
1. Bright colors, you are shopping Spring collections and the smell of fresh flowers in the air isn't far behind.
2. Keep the tone in check with a neutral layer, it's still cold outside.
3. Cover those legs, we haven't gotten any sun yet and leggings are little more casual than tights.
4. Riding boots add the perfect touch of style for wowing the other guests with your fashion sense ;)
5. The boots with the leggings make it less awkward if you are at a "no shoes" house.  You can remove the boots and have comfy socks instead of tights with a hole in the toe.
6. Charm bracelets are a great accessory that isn't overwhelming and top it off with a cocktail ring!

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