Snowmen in Spring...

Dress - Old Navy; Cardigan - Gap; Scarf - Loehmanns; Shoes - Target; Jewelry - J.Crew, Loft

This Sunday is the holy holiday of Easter.  Typically this time of the year we can count on being able to wear bare legs, sleeveless dresses and whimsical accessories.  In the year of 2013 we can look forward to wearing our snow boots, down jackets and wool mittens.  As I look out my window I see frost and mounds of snow lining the streets.  This weather can make it stressful when trying to show off your 'Sunday Best' this Easter.  So here is my best shot at keeping you warm and styled this weekend!

Why This Works...
1. Do a heavy knit cotton scarf to keep you covered, but layer it with a dainty necklace.
2. Keep the silk floral dress in the mix but layer with a merino cardigan.  The wool will keep you warm with out the bulk.  Plus merino wool always comes in great colors!
3. Do black heels with black tights.  Your leg wear should not be part of the outfit, keep it neutral so your dress and accessories stand out.  Your tights should just be functional, no funky colors or prints and when you pair them with a black heels you will elongate your legs.

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