Polka-a-Dot Pants...

Cardigan - J.Crew; Tee - J.Crew; Pants - Old Navy; Belt - J.Crew; Shoes - Target; Necklace - J.Crew

My apologize for my absence last week.  Every morning was filled with consulting work and meeting with clients.  And while the nanny kiddos were on Spring Break the afternoons were all about the Mall of America, Mirror Mazes, Twins baseball games, and indoor water parks!

While living my life last week this outfit made an appearance (or two)!  I was so excited to get this posted because I know so many of you are confused on how to wear printed pants and, well the polka-a-dots just add a level of fun.

Why This Works...
1. Navy print with navy print, and the prints are about the same size.
2. Yellow belt neutralizes the patterns, the same effect can be made with gold or tan.
3. Mint cardigan compliments the navy, which is the base color of this outfit.
4. Red shoes, because they go with almost everything and give you a splash of bold color.  Plus they compliment the yellow belt.
5. Geometric necklace gives the eye a rest from all the color and pattern going on!

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