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So last night I made a midnight post expressing my miss of y'all.  I have not been paying much attention to the blog lately, sad I know!  Which btw, Man Friend walked in while I was writing last night's post and he was none to pleased that I was blaming the blog lull on him.  But he did not proceed to Dropbox those photos I need with any sense of urgency... Whoops...  (Still love him)

I know everyone really gets into Spring Cleaning, eh I could take it or leave it.  What I am hyped up for is Spring Shopping!  If you don't know already I love to share my shopping adventures with anyone who will listen.  It's an art, taught to me gracefully by my mom and aunties.  Seriously when we go shopping we are very select on who we invite to come with.  You need to be able to split up, get distracted by sale necklaces, pillage through bins of knick knacks, try things on you probably won't buy, and find things for others in the group they might not pick up for themselves.

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For now here is last weekend's adventure...

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