Styled By A Child...

Jacket - American Eagle; Blouse - Loft; Jeans - Loft; Necklace - Lola; Belt - J.Crew; Shoes - Target; Bracelet - Loft

Have I told you how much I love my nanny kids!  Seriously so cute, can't even handle.  Specifically the little 5 year old just says the best things.  Every time she see anything with extra detail or beauty she gets my attention and says "...look Lindsey, it's fashion!"  I mean it, even silverware.  The other day she grab a fancy tea spoon out of the drawer to eat her yogurt with and it had a detailed handle with scalloped edges.  She held it up and said "...look Lindsey, it's a fashion spoon."  I just die over her.

She loves to hang out at my apartment and play with the mannequin, she is quickly learning how to be a great assistant stylist.  This week I let her take the lead and I was the assistant.  She did an amazing job, picking out every piece you see and dressing it on the manni too.  Now remember she is only 5 years old, so some of the details were missed.  But I bet there are some of you out there who dress your selves, look in the mirror and feel as if you were also dressed by a 5 year old!  We all sometime miss the details.

Here's What To Fix...

1. Tuck in your shirt, you are an adult and should be wearing a tailored look.
2. Open your jacket, let us see the top underneath and create you will lose the frump factor.
3. Cuff the sleeve, you will show the pretty blue hiding under the there!
4. Change out the glitter belt.  They are great for some occasions but not your everyday style.
5. Change studded wedges to sleek patent leather heels.  Elevates any outfit to a polished look.

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