Make Me Work....What!

Blouse - J.Crew; Cardi - J.Crew; Jeans - Loft; Belt - American Eagle Outfitters; Boots - Frye

I promised long ago that I would share tales from my adventures working at my man friend's auto shop.  How does a fashionista stay styled while working in a garage with oil spills, dust, dirty power tools, and gas leaking cars?  And on top of that he actually made me work on my own car this week!!!!  To be fair it was just changing my plates and I have used a power tool or two in my day, but still it was dirty YUCK

So knowing I was going into this day I had to have an outfit that was enough of my own lady like style yet functional for this kind of work.  By the by, great outfit for any outdoor activity that could be a little sloppy.

Why This Works...
1. Dark jeans, you can wipe your hands and spill on them with no visible dirt.
2. Skinny jeans, they tuck into your boots so the bottoms won't get dirty, wet or fray.
3. Boots, you can stomp around picking up clipped wires and sweep the floor without worrying about ruining your shoes.
4. Sunwashed blouse, lightweight, loose and easy to move in.
5. Cardigan in a dark color so you don't look too girly in your pink shirt....
6. Tuck in and belt because you still want to look like you care how you look even though you are in a car garage.  Plus when I hand people their bill they need to take me seriously, need to be as polished as I can here.

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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love the boots, very nice!