Leopard NOT Lazy...

Scarf - Target; Sweater - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Purse - Coach; Shoes - Target

Cardi -Loft; Blouse - Gap; Pants - J.Crew; Sunglasses - Michael Kors; Shoes - J.Crew

More ideas today on how to dress for a casual day with out getting asked; "Is everything okay?"  These are my favorite outfits because if you know me you know I don't like pants.  So anything in cotton with an elastic waist will end up in my closet.  Being able to dress these bottoms with pieces that keep me looking professional is a must!

Why These Work...
1. All pieces are cotton, you got comfort!
2. Animal print worn the right way adds just the right amount style.
3. Do a scarf instead of a necklace.  You are accessorized and cozy all day.
4. Metal rim sunglasses are classy and more mature than plastic.
5. Platform shoes are great for everyday style, not as fancy as a stiletto.  Or go with the suede flats, elevated look but not as fancy as patent leather.
6. Roll the sleeve and cuff the pant.  Showing a little wrist and ankle make an outfit more feminine.

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