CAUTION: May be offended if you are a fashion don't!

Some of you know I spent last week in Vegas with the parents. My dad's parents retired there years ago and we went to visit my grandmother. It may sound like a drag but my dad knows his way around town and my mom is a shopping diva, so we had fun. I also learned how the play the Craps table, I may have found my new obsession...

As expected my little eye spied a lot of interesting members of the human race who made interesting fashion choices for their Vegas celebration.  A look gone wrong is always the 'site seeing-casual-day look'.  To many times there was the uncovered behind in leggings, women hobbling in uncomfortable shoes, outragous printed shirts, the akward sholder bag, etc etc etc.  The list could on!  There is no need to wear every trend at once to show us you are stylish traveler or wear what could be mistaken as a halloween costume.  You can look classy, trendy, and comfortable.  I promise.

Why these looks work...
1. Shoes you can walk in that are cute.
2. Pieces aren't constricting yet have cuts that are flattering.
3. Layers can be taken off and you don't lose the outfit.
4. Bags can be worn cross-body to keep hands free.
5. Prints and patterns are flattering and don't take over the look.

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Kristine Rutledge said...

Great looks and ideas! Vegas is a great place to see a whole lot of rights and a whole lot of wrongs in terms of fashion. I once made the mistake of wearing heels (small ones even) while walking the strip...never again!