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Casual Date

Romantic Date

Elegant Date

I have been gathering data for weeks now.  What are you doing for Valentine's Day, what are you going to wear and what are you going to give as a gift?  Now I can't reveal all of my findings yet, you will have to tune into WCCO AM radio tomorrow morning with Jordana Green.  I will be on air talking about the biggest trends for Valentines and how to avoid the blunders!  If you aren't a local reader don't worry the podcast will be posted on Facebook and the blog!  What I feel obligated to share though are my top outfit picks for the big dates.  I want my readers to look good and feel good on this love feast night!  So if you are going on date with someone you have been only seeing for a few months, or your boyfriend of 2 years or your husband of 15 years these are the looks to follow.

Why they work...

Casual Date
1. Purple, don't be cliche and wear read.
2. Top in a silk or other delicate fabric to give femininity.
3. Skinny black pants, dressier than denim but still casual.
4. You can do heels or flats depending on the date's activity.
5. Add a little glam with gold jewelry, you are on a date remember!
*Most likely you are still trying to impress each other it's important you pull together a look with effort!

Romantic Date
1. Wear a dress, you are a lady!
2. Cover your legs, it is still winter!
3. Patent leather heels are sexy, give your man a little tease.
4. Open up your neckline and wear a necklace that flatters it, this is also sexy.
*If you are anything like me and man friend at this point you are very comfortable with each other.  There are probably a lot of nights wearing sweats and eating pizza with no make-up.  This is great, I cherish just living life with each other.  But for Vday bring sexy back!

Elegant Date
1. Silver on raw silk or any other heavy yet dressy fabric is classy.
2. Crystal jewelry gives the look sophistication.
3. The clutch is blinged out but not overdone and gives just the right amount of elegance.
4.  The black necklace is stunning against the silver dress, you want to be stunning!
*If you have been together for 15 years or more you need to celebrate and reward your self's with a special date night.  You should be doing something that requires an elevated look where you feel like you stand out!

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