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I love the looks that Lindsey has chosen for your night out with friends or on a date for Valentines Day!  (link to post here)  Thank you so much for posting them...its helpful to know!  I'd love to add a few makeup colors that would be great for a Valentine's Date!  There are always a few options.  These are some of my favorites that I like to use from be Lovely.

You can go with the bright red or pink lip...it IS Valentines day, and I think that's the perfect tint.  Add the classic pink and red to your makeup instead of your clothing.

My favorite classic red in the line is "Constance" always good with a simple eye.   "Lucy" is the same thing but pink.  Both vibrant colors will be the accent of the look you choose to wear.  If you want to get out of the classics, one of my favorite colors is "Sarah" it is a soft purple color that brightens your face and keeps you looking fun but elegant.  Use "Sarah" with "deep plum" lip liner and throw a lip-gloss on top and you are set!

If you are not much of a lipstick wearer YET... I would put on a nice sweet lip-gloss like "Influence.  It's not as pink as it looks and use simple eyeshadows like "hopeful" and "thoughtfull" for a neutral simple look or be a bit more vibrant by using "sincere", "lovely", and "fearless" for a purple smokey eye.

There are always lots of options if you wear a little or like a bit more color!! Enjoy creating your look!


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