Comfy NOT Frumpy...

Cardi - Gap; Tee - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Shoes - Old Navy; Earrings - J.Crew

Sweater - J.Crew; Pants - J.Crew; Shoes - Old Navy; Earrings - J.Crew

I was inspired to write this week's post by my life last week.  I had to be somewhere at 5am everyday!  Say what... I know crazy.  That means I had to ready and out the door at 430am.  There was no way this girl was going to be in restricting pants, uncomfortable shoes, or layers that I couldn't move in.  All that being said I still had to be styled and looking good.  How do you make that happen?  Well as seen above, that's how!

Why These Looks Work...
1. Everything I wore was cotton.  Easy to move in and comfy to put on when you are up before the sun!
2. Layers add dimension to an outfit with out much effort (cardi & tee).
3. Color or print can create instant style to a look (pink sweater, animal print flats).
4. Flats are great to get out the door quickly in, or platforms which are way easier to walk in than stilettos.
5. Simply jewelery, hoop earrings and a small necklace.

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