Soccer in Spring...

Sweater - American Eagle; Denim - Loft; Scarf - Loft; Wellies - Hunter

Jacket - J.Crew

"Fashion Fix- I have a question. I will be going to an outdoor stadium to watch a soccer game next weekend. The weather in Philly is going to be pretty nice but I want to look stylish, cute but warm. We will be going for drinks and apps afterwards. What should I wear?"
Why This Works...
1. Merino wool is warm with out the bulk so you can layer as needed.
2. Dark denim can get dirty from sitting on bleachers and it won't show!
3. Wellies are great for muddy weather with out over-heating your feet like a snow boot would.
4. Do a printed scarf so when you go to the local watering hole after the game you can have an accessory that keeps you warm and cute.
5. A waxed utility jacket is more stylish and warmer that a rain coat.
6. Do simply jewelry to keep a feminine look with out overdoing it!      
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