Getting Styled Right

You may have noticed that things have been changing around here lately.  Well here, and the business website!  I have been working my little tail off overhauling the website and creating a better web presence for Fashion Fix the brand.  I hope you've notice ;)

And with all of that, new opportunities are on the rise for me and Fashion Fix.  I have upgraded the Styled Right Workshop, which you can read about {here}, and see a little sneak peak {here}.  And I am currently writing 2 workbooks that will be published by the end of this month and available for you to purchase!

With that being said, the blog is going to continue taking a mini break for the next couple of weeks :(

But don't fret, you can

stay connected with clients ...


stay connected with events ...


stay up to date on shopping ...


know what I am loving ...


and, know what I am doing ...


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