Style Found: Holiday Parties!!!

I don't participate in Throwback Thursday all the time, but every now and then I find some good photos from days gone by that I like to share.  Today's pulls are relevant and they were actually chosen by you, the reader!  I have been doing a lot of speaking and home parties lately, and with the holiday season upon us I am showered with questions about party attire.  Ladies want to know what glitz, glamor, and sparkle they should or should not be wearing.  So I know this is a relevant topic with women searching the web for the answers.  How do I know the web is being searched...?  The number one post being read on the blog this month is one from last Christmas giving outfit ideas for the season.  (It has nearly double the about of reads than the runner up!)

 But you can't just have one style inspiration, so here are the other two post from that series ;)

Holiday Sparkle 12/17/12; link {here}

Holiday Glitz 12/19/12; link {here}

Holiday Glamor 12/22/12; link {here}

See you Saturday at the Maplewood Women's Expo!  Stop by the Fashion Fix vendor booth for discounts and a gift with purchase.

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