Rorshach and Poppy....

Give me a good printed cardigan and give me a good outfit day.  Here's the trick though gals, make sure it's on a thick cotton or a merino wool.  Stay away from the thin flimsy cardis because they will stretch and lose their shape way to fast.  And if it's a cute one you will be wearing it all the time and it will go even faster...

These are great pieces to have in a wardrobe and they do so well over a pop of color, as seen below!

Cardigan - J.Crew
Blouse - Loft (current)
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - J.Crew
Belt - J.Crew
Jewelry - H&M, J.Crew, Forever 21



whats marino?

Lindaisy said...

Merino wool is a type of wool used for sweaters and such. It's not as thick or heavy as a your traditional lamb's wool and is typical finer and softer. Good question, keep them coming!