Red Carpet to Real Life...

This is Hollywood...

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This is Hollywood...
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This is real life...

 What I see in Anne's outfit.
- Tailored Lines
- Slim Fit w/ Shape
- Simplicity
- Texture
- Clean Look

This is how YOU wear it.
- Strapless Top (peplum style, great for fuller figures too!)
- Bootcut or Slim Jeans
*These two pieces in these cuts will keep the look tailored with shape.  DO NOT recreate this look with flare denim or a blousey top, you will loose the clean lines.
- Button Earrings & Bangles, in Silver
*Small accessories in silver will keep the look monochromatic and simple.  Don't overwhelm the look with chunky jewelry or dangely earrings.
- Silver Sandals

We look to Hollywood and Red Carpet fashion everyday to inspire us in our style.  To often women get lost in translation.  The Golden Globes was the kick off to 2013 fashion and what's to come.  Let's see how we can achieve the glamor with out losing the original look!