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I haven't posted one of these in awhile, a Shop Local Shop Small article!  A new store came to St Louis Park this weekend, right in my neighborhood!  And this place is happy, it says so right in the name!  I have been sitting on these photos for about 3 days now, not knowing where to start or how to even begin to describe this shop and business to y'all.  It's difficult due to the fact the this place is SO AWESOME, and it embodies everything Fashion Fix stands for!  I love partnering with other businesses across the Twin Cities, even more so when it's a business my heart quickly falls in love with.

Fashion Fix believes in empowering women & building confidence, providing them with tools and resources to be their best selves.  Mama's Happy takes it to a whole other level, these women are actually working with tools!  Seriously, hammers, nails, paint, glue guns, drills, and anything else you use to be crafty and creative.  This shop is a collaborative, pulling together women of all ages and lifestyles, giving them a space to showcase their talents and designs.  

Owner Amanda Ficek had vision to create a place where women could step outside of their everyday routine and find happiness in something that was just their own.  This is an oasis for shoppers, crafters, and more.  An oasis from being a meal planner, laundry doer, chauffeur, errand runner and everything else women in the home.

Everything these mamas make is either vintage, recycled, or re-purposed.  Using their imaginations and inspirations that motivate even me to be crafty, and that's a task!  And seriously they did.  I got a semi-private lesson in how to paint furniture using skilled techniques from Annie Sloan and her custom Chalk Paint.  I know what you are thinking... You need to be friends with me and get invited to these neat openings and events so you can get craft lessons too!  Guess what, you should be friends with me, but the gals at Mama's Happy teach workshops every month at multiple store locations!  And you can go!

Do have or know of a local shop/business Fashion Fix should visit?  Email lindsey@fashionfixmn.com and tell us about it!

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Amy Herbert said...

Love your description of Mama's Happy as an oasis! And I, too, was inspired after visiting. And I found such a cute bracelet it had to come home with me! So fun. You'll have to do a follow-up post if you channel the DIY vibe and take on a project!